Roberts House
Jerry and Andy grinding guitars
Live at the Ventura Theatre
Reiter plays Key Club.
April 4 2009 Reiter played to a full crowd at the Key Club in Hollywood, Califor

Biography - Jerry Reiter

Fisheye Lense

Jerry started playing in the early 80’s with his brother Robert.

They started REITER in the beginning of the 90’s, playing in the living room of a condo in Thousand Oaks.

"I remember not knowing how to play a whole song, but we played anyway. We covered the drums with towels and pumped the vocals through a home stereo. We must have sounded awful."

Jerry currently resides in Thousand Oaks, California.

Friends say, "They sure have come a long way over the years, I think the best is yet to come. I can’t wait to go to their next show."

Jerry’s Equipment List: Fender, Takamini, and Ibenez guitars. Line 6, Fender and Marshal amps. Roland, Alesis, and Yamaha Keyboards. Hohner Harmonicas, EV speakers, peavey speakers & power amps, Alexis effects, and Mackey mixing boards.